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Tangelo The Cat™ By Lady-Elle StarQueen
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  Tangelo The Cat

is a Name Brand Cartoon Character created by Lady-Elle StarQueen that is featured on several websites such as TangeloTheCat.Com™, PrintsaGogo.Com and CreativeGuru01.com. Cartoons and Products are exclusively licensed through  Dreams ComeTrue Inc. (DCT) a Wyoming Corporation that also advertises the licenses worldwide.

Artworks that are Available For Licensing To Manufacturers include:
Tangelo The Cat™and Max the Lucky Cat™ for Distribution and Prints on Merchandises.
Contact Dreams-ComeTrue.Com for a License.

Products That are Available To Galleries and Events include:

Signed and UnSigned Prints of “Tangelo the Cat and "Max The Lucky Cat™" by Lady-Elle StarQueen.
Click here to Order Prints.

Billboards Arts that are Available for Licenses are:
Tangelo The Cat™ - Hang in There! and Hang in There America!, and Face Masks Required.
Contact Dreams-ComeTrue.Com for a Billboard License.

Online Shops:

Independently owned and operated authorized shops
offer copies of Prints of "Tangelo the Cat™ and  Max The Lucky Cat™, and other products to more than 100 countries worldwide from publicly traded platforms..

Lady-Elle StarQueen™ is an Intellectual Properties creator, artist, author and licensor who loves animals, and the environment. She donates 50% of the proceeds of her selected signed artworks and cartoons creations sold during Events and Charitable Functions to Veterans, and to help shelter elderly people and animals for them to live in a safer and better environment. All Artworks, Name Brands and Logos on this website have been created by Lady-Elle StarQueen, and are licensed through Dreams Cometrue Inc.the Administrator of her I.P.'s and Creations.

Click below to view current Licensees' certificates at:

Thank you for Visiting TangeloTheCat.Com. Your Support will help cheer, feed and shelter one living soul at a time! Buy a Print, or a License of Tangelo The Cat™ here by downloading an Order Form.

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